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The Conference on "Women as agents of change in the Southern Mediterranean Region", co-organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and the Italian Parliament, and held in Rome on 24-25 October 2011, was concluded with all participants agreeing on the extreme importance of working for the empowerment of women.
In order to achieve such an objective, the participants decided to create a women’s network for democratic governance, called "The North-South process for the empowerment of women", bringing together the various actors working to promote women's rights in the Mediterranean.
"We thus fully recognize that women’s rights in the Southern Mediterranean Region have become a pressing issue and an overall necessity with regard to the democratization processes that have transformed the region’s political and social landscape during the past year. Hence, this online platform will contribute to the reinforcement of the role of women providing its members with an essential tool which will allow them to contribute actively to this Network and to share comments, suggestions and opinions, as well".
The Euro-Med Women Network will serve as a meeting point where the womens voices - as well as voices of men supporting the empowerment of women - both from the North and the South will be able to be heard. In this way, the platform will became a starting point for exchanges of views and reflexions and possibly the basis for the creation of future projects and collaboration.


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